Impossible Question | Sound Or Vision?

As you may know I am also a host for Airbnb, and have guests from all over the world frequently.

Yesterday new guests arrived and at 3 pm, exactly, the doorbell rang loud to announce their arrival. I thought. But when I spoke through the intercom no-one replied. I could hear the sounds from the street, but no voice. I put the receiver down and walked away, puzzled.  Again it rang, the nervewrecking sound of our doorbell bellowing through the staircase and again I picked up the phone. Again no voice. But somehow I could hear a human sound. “Could you please say something” I yelled downstairs, to no result.

I rushed one floor down and checked the pavement from the window and saw a young couple standing in front of our house, also looking puzzled.

I ran down more stairs, opened the door and before I could utter an apology, I noticed them signing at each other with their hands, no sound, but talking, and I realized my guests are deaf. 

It struck me.

Within a minute my thoughts about disabilities had gone 360 degrees, the cons and the pros, if you can think of it that way… but they were like many other young Americans, traveling the world, and they made me feel at ease immediately. We went in, had a chat, the usual.

Back on my own it made me think, of the impossible question I have asked myself sometimes, the dilemma: in case I ever had to choose – Godforbid – between sight, or hearing, would I choose vision or would I go for sound?

Well, as you may also know, I work as an art director, and both are key to my creativity, life and work… I can’t answer the question.

But! Adversity is the prosperity of the great, is a fortune cookie text 😉 I cherish. And therefor I feel that every situation you find yourself in contains the spark for creating something good. Like a closing door opens up another, endings are beginnings etc. Don’t give up basically, not on yourself. There’s is always the possibility of good stuff ahead, and you have to aim for it. – Amen, a piece of my mind 😉 –

everyday advice

ADVERSITY | Image wilson tichelaar©

Speaking of adversity and creativity, Stevie Wonder, was born without the ability to see. 

He is an amazing artist, AND he has a wicked sense of humor. His friend Lionel Richie once shared a hilarious story on Stevie picking him up from home, insisting he would drive them to the event…

This is Stevie in the car with James Corden, prepare to laugh out loud!

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