Host’s Favorite | Take The Ferry


In Amsterdam the ferry across the river is free.

As you may know I am also a host for Airbnb and have people from all over the world staying in my home. I enjoy sharing little insider places to go, things to do, with them. The stuff that locals do.

” Once I stayed in a tiny room in the heart of Tribeca, NYC. Outside the window, squashed between beautiful brick walls stood a tall tree “planted by Yoko Ono”. A memorable sales pitch for a queen-size bed on top of the world. Living on Wooster Street I was a local for a week, a fantastic experience. I would love to offer this kind of experience to my guests when staying in Amsterdam ” is the the text on my Airbnb profile.

The image above shows one of my favorite places in Amsterdam: The ferry across the river IJ. Even though it’s only a 5 minute fare across, it is a local staple, a must-do, a wanna-feel: The excitement of the bustle, crossing a busy 4 lane fairway, with sometimes a near miss with an unstoppable large vessel, the pounding engine and screeching seagulls hanging above, the smell of wild water while out on the deck, to me it’s like a 5 minute holiday – every time.

Happy to have reached your destination across, it’s justified to celebrate, when on holiday 😉 Watch the world go by at the riverbank café of Eye, our wonderful film museum residing in Zaha Hadid’s visionary construction.

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