Start of Britt Fandom

Ave t-shirt

Start of Britt Fandom | Britt | 17022018 | AVE t-shirt

My Sunday Ave t-shirt this week is dedicated to Britt Dekker. An angel.

Last week she appeared in DWDD, a daily talkshow on Dutch tv, her typical candid banter making an impression:

She shared her admiration for her childhood heroes, a love that made her realize a dentist was a greater hero than a talkshow host. Hilarious. Refreshing.

She touched a sensitive subject from the national headlines by relating the story of her father, who was deadly injured, and gave up his organs for transplantation and saved six lives already by his brave act. Made people think.

And while most people know her from Take Me Out, a blind dating show on national tv, it turns out she is a runner up for best amazone in dressage. She has always been a horse girl, she knows love involves hard work.

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An inspiration for a series of –join the movement– t-shirs, and my feeling is, there will be more. I feel love 🙂

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