#Bloodmoon over Amsterdam

bloodmoon 2018

Moon and Mars Amsterdam 27072018 | photo wilma tichelaar

Tonight I witnessed the blood moon over Amsterdam. The moon is not as bright as usual as the earth is casting its shadow over the moon located right between the sun and the moon. The only light reflected by the moon is the indirect light bouncing of the atmosphere of earth, hence the soft reddish – not blood red – tone. The little pink dot in the distance is Mars.

The sky seems Disney-like, but then the skyline is very… different.

A once in a lifetime moment.

I took a photo on the roof.

In the distance someone detonated some fireworks.

While downloading the images onto my computer I looked up Twitter to see what other images were taken.

Scrolling down

I saw some were worse,

similar or

NASA-style-better than mine,

and there was also this:

bloodmoon 2018

Chorizo joke 11 pm Dutch Twitter

Funny I thought. Tweet says: ” I dare say I have the best picture of the #bloodmoon “. I hearted it.

A few seconds later, scrolling down I came across this one.

bloodmoon 2018

Chorizo joke 11 pm Dutch Twitter

Also from a Dutch account, sent in at the same time.

Hmm, same joke same time? Made me wonder, writing came to be at different places around the world at the same time, so yes, could be, same inspiration at the same time.

But then I Googled the image

and soon found out, that the origins of this joke lies in Spain. Naturally.

bloodmoon 2018

Google search chorizo moon joke on Twitter July 28 2018 1 am

10 hours ago the first chorizo moon was sent out.

Why not RETWEET? I feel somehow betrayed.

I should unheart his tweet.

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