NY Polaroids

ny polairoid

PAGES 08052018_NY polaroid WTC 1996 ©wilsontichelaar

Just browsing my images with Bridge.

Polaroids from New York City, from when the towers were still up.

It’s an album I made after a holiday with a friend. We went out for shopping and sight seeing, she was hoping to buy cool new roller skates, and I was very much looking forward to stay at the luxurious Paramount**** Hotel, which we managed to book – within our budget.

[During my first visit to New York in 1991 the hotels had been cheap and not so cheerful – I had just left art school and getting there was the main aim, had to be, there was no money for luxury. The Paramount was great at the time and has always been grand, read about it here]

Ok, so this time, instead of pictures I took polaroids. Of interesting things, every day. Had no other camera or recording device with me but the black plastic box the Polaroid camera was at the time.

And in the evening I put them up on the backboard in our hotel room, a daily update of the exhibition – a show for the cleaning lady only 🙂

ny polairoid

PAGES | 08052018_ polaroids close up.jpg ©wilsontichelaar


PAGES | 08052018_Private Show of Polaroids at the Paramount Hotel NYC (16-21 Sept. 1996) ©wilsontichelaar

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