A Korean Breeze | Zico – SoulMate – Feat. 아이유

When I first heard this song on Spotify, I wondered what language it was, going by the tune you would think American maybe, some kind of rap? Smooth. Is it Pharrell, Timberlake? My mind went racing but just couldn’t make language of it. – Flashes from The Imitation Game went through my mind. A frantic opening of drawers looking for some code, that would fit and turn the song to english! – And then I recognized the asiansweet catchy chime. This was no english.

The only word I did dig out is soulmate.

To me it’s not the words but the music painting the picture. It’s upbeat, there’s a Spring feeling to it, breezing in a new start,

a Monday morning in fact.

Enjoy a Korean start of the week.

About Wilson

relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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