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Resort Art | Palm Spring Pool party – Photo by Slim Aarons

I was surprised to see the picture above – a picture I keep on my desktop – starring in the Palm Springs episode of Stay Here, an American interior design series new on Netflix.

In Stay Here stylist Genevieve Gordner and property broker Peter Lorimer help home owners revamp their rooms-for-rent into golden holiday experiences.

Make over – Make money is the motto. Better quality, better value, better revenues, better futures. Sending all their kids to college. And most results are stunning.

In this episode – the most luxurious “problem property” I have seen so far – they put the cherry on a fabulous Palm Springs abode: a mansion fully decorated in stylish sixties style, looking like a perfect time machine. Great holiday destination in the bud.

The owners are period crazy and had so far partially redesigned the place, by recreating some truly striking sets – sets you can translate as: selfie spots or instagram backdrops. But, it being a huge villa, there was still plenty to enhance by the make-over team, and they go for it! (words fail – see the show for yourself) 

The picture by high society photographer Slim Aarons is a piece the owner had longed for for almost a decade, and now, after the Stay Here-team had done their magic, it was the centerpiece in their kitchen-with-pool-view, looking great.

A good spot for it to hang, story full circle.

seventies for rent
The Time Capsule Resort is for rent – Spend your holiday in the Sixties

The pool area I think is the absolute lift off spot of the total experience.

Read more on the property here

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