The Shelf | Inspirational stuff I keep close


The Shelf | Inspirational stuff I keep close | wilsontichelaar

iMac – Where would we be without?

Celest church – Charity shop find. I sometimes go there to look for a sign, something striking. Random. It’s the light blue church at the end of the path that does it for me.

The lost painting – A great painting Jay did, but got damaged and lost. Painful to look at.

Made by Michael NYC – Bought this doll from a boyish black gypsy on the street corner of Union Square. Hand made, quirky.

Anker – Sound bar.

Power collar project – A great picture from the collar project I did in a primary school, in a class of 5-year olds. This girl rocks. 

Becoming Michelle Obama – I am reading the book Becoming Michelle Obama and now suffer from Obama nostalgia. 

Correctional stuff – Tipp Ex, what would happen without?

Red light – IKEA best seller.

IKEA shelf – Thin metal shelf, a good find, from IKEA

and some books.

(titles: Drawing with Children – Over het water – Funk & Soul – How hard can it be?)

-> now play the music – top right 🙂

Quincy Jones wrote it – You may know it from the fabulous seventies tv series Sandford & Son, tales of a father and son running a junk yard. A salvage.

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relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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