Sticker Art | Your Mom Was So Easy!

sticker art

Explore what makes you feel uncomfortable | Your mom was so easy! | wilsontichelaar

Explore what makes you feel uncomfortable. A theme I started a few days ago.

Above an Uncalled For insult. A sticker in the street, it caught my eye.

Made me think.

I guess it’s street art, category: aggressive adhesives.

A similar thing to what happened more recently;

The other day, outside the supermarket, I met my neighbour. Bright red hair and a big smile, she told me she’s off to India next week with a lady friend. Hiding her 75th birthday, she giggled. A man passed by and turned back at us, his eyes questioning.

“She just told me a secret” I beamed at him.

He came back to talk to us. He obviously liked her as he complimented her on her resemblance to a famous Dutch tv presentator. She said she heard this before. He then looked at her and said “You look niiiice” and gave her a big toothless smile. She was glowing.

Then he turned to me.

And I it was then I noticed he was a homeless type – or extremely fashionable, you never know – he looked rough.

“And you – and he looked me up – you look…

-he took some time-


I know I should’t overthink this, but it’s just not what you prepare for when going out 😉

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relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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