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Hopes – Taurus March 2019 – wilsontichelaar


Fears – Taurus March 2019 – wilsontichelaar


Dreams Taurus March 2019 – wilsontichelaar

This blog is about inspiration, and one of my places to turn to is astrology. I know I know, but I have had this interest* for so long and have kept so many followed up signs, that – I admit – it has become like an addictive habit, my monkey. In an entertaining way, a guilty pleasure.

*) Because isn’t it a craft in itself, the ability to vividly describe a world more or less resembling the one a total stranger (= you) is dealing with this very moment? Sitting in front of the screen, it’s like sitting at the table at my private-fairground-tarot-show. Come see Madame Clair Voyant, catch up on your hopes, fears and dreams. Astrologyzone – Susan Miller – never fails.

Leading up to another random activity: Looking up words that come to mind. The randomness of it, makes me think.


The internet is like an oracle, when you question it, it will give clues. A private fairground show. The word is Monkey.

And an image to go with the above.

spin in water

Spin In The Water – ©wilsontichelaar – We were out with the boat on the river, and my son – 11 at the time – made the boat spin to show me what the water would do. Wonderful.

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