Art Education | Vertical Gardens By 6-Year Olds

Vertical Garden | The Material

This week I also conducted a workshop with the youngest in school, 6 year olds. They were explained that we need more insects and flowers, but we have little space for flower fields in the city. Therefor we need to create vertical gardens. There are some good examples. (One boy at this point shouted the photo of the wall covered in green foliage was a FAKE!)

After I did a brief presentation of images on the digi board, I handed out a selection of green paper and netting. Each child was given a square piece of the photo, so when zooming in on a smaller part of the garden, they would notice the many different shades of green. And then copy this onto their own board by pasting pieces of paper.

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In this lesson they produced a green paper backdrop for their vertical garden – all individual designs will be combined into one big garden and hung on the wall.

Next week we’ll do the flowers.

Vertical Gardens | The Patches Of Green

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