Art Education | New Insects By 10-Year Olds

New Insects By 10-Year Olds – Workshop Art education I did at a local school.

Insects are in danger and we need to help them. By inventing new, hybrid species, we can do this.

I am doing a one year course to become an artist in school. Art education, a personal eye-opener. Tomorrow I am doing this workshop with 8-year olds.


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relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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2 Responses to Art Education | New Insects By 10-Year Olds

  1. Adam Zucker says:

    These insects look so great! And this workshop is a really creative and memorable way to have students think about their environmental legacy.

  2. Hello Adam, thank you for your feedback! Working with young children is so inspiring: The functions the students of another group came up with today were fun and so clever! And they remembered what we discussed last time and told me the ‘latest’ news on insects (and flowers). Great 🙂

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