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ARCHIVE | Self portrait by wilson tichelaar

I have been thinking about painting and have been sucked into a book on Matisse, the master of light. And then I stumbled upon this photo I took, downstairs, in the living room, a few years ago. It is autumn and the pumpkin is a Gesamtkunstwerk by me and my son. (Blog on it here)

We were inspired by an image from Pinterest for the pumpkin. The text is a decorative board with stops along a New York tube line. We went to New York in autumn twice. Loved it. The flowers, dahlia’s, fully blown and now dry. But with a bit of Photoshop…  I love dahlia’s explosive expression. The curtains, from ceiling to floor, light blocking. The wall is painted in a matte Brinjal, a sophisticated aubergine*. The little owl is a gift from Greek guests that stayed with us. They fell for the room on Airbnb. It’s a replica of a museum piece. The bench is something I picked up in my job at the interior magazine.

The light is warm.

It would make a good portrait.


*Brinjal, by Farrow and Ball. Their words:

A Sophisticated Aubergine

Brinjal takes its name from the beautifully deep and shiny skin of the aubergine, so it is particularly magnificent in Full Gloss. It can create a warm and highly sophisticated finish when used on all walls, but is more often used as a feature wall to enhance a neutral Skimming Stone scheme or as an accent on the underside of a bath or kitchen island. 

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