Building My Land Rover Defender

Now at Selfridges: LEGO-technic-land-rover-defender-42110 Guilty Pleasure and So Now

In a former life I’ve had serious conversations with my young son why driving a Defender for us wasn’t such a good idea. Regardless the looks and the power. (We live on a canal in Amsterdam.)

Now a new LEGO model is on sale at Selfridge – their newsletter informs me.

150 euro ($160) for a model of our future safety vehicle – but without the windows (!) –a commodity formerly known as a car.

We can build it while staying in.

PS | Nov 9 2020  | Paul Smith did one! 

One of the best collabs Paul Smith has done so far – in my opinion – creating an überstylish Defender – gasp!

More on Paul Smith’s collaborations under Highsnobiety

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