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STEP ONE | It’s from your desk, make it comfortable and inspiring | Photo stock image from recent newsletter from Shutterstock

Leading influencer and global trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort was questioned on the influences of the Corona crisis on national tv last night. I watched it this morning after breakfast – staying in.

She has been happy for the first time since long, she confesses. Despite the crisis, or better because of. Now she feels (we all are) at a well deserved rest, seasick from the adventurous thriller life had become. (my words)

She thinks this a great opportunity for creativity to flourish and re-investigate values.

Get your Keri Smith out 🙂

A book I would like to practice. How to be an explorer of the world. Put it down if you lack imagination. Keri Smith


Put it down if you lack imagination. Keri Smith

or get it here

PS 07042020 | On Amazon you can browse the book, and I like this: a note inside the book, on where the ideas come from. (picture below)

What are the origins, where did they spark, who’s the mother? Credits. Smith did the editing so to speak.

To a creative the ownership of an idea, and getting the credits for it, is an acknowledgement of their artistry. Of their being. When their talent and craftsmanship shows great originality, it could be a ticket to the top league. Where they belong.

(Depending, of course, on who’s judging.)


Keri Smith on the credits of the ideas in the book


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