A Tycoon Who’s Not A Philistine

Dreamers can make your life richer. Which doesn’t mean they lead rich lives themselves.


A quote from ‘(…) a man of great succes, a tycoon who’s not a philistine – according to Christie’s – Eli Broad. His worth valued at $7.4 billion [in 2016].

Interesting to read people’s life stories, to know what lead the way. I didn’t know of Broad but his origins as a boy who was used to selling ladies’ shoes and operating a drill press are fascinating when he ‘(…) has come a long way from his birthplace in the Bronx to become a superstar among collectors of modern art, someone whose patronage and philanthropy have earned him gratitude as ‘the Lorenzo de’ Medici of Los Angeles’.

The American paperboy to millionaire classic.

America America – A work of art by Glenn Ligon hanging in The Broad

So he opened a museum.

The Broad is a three-storey museum he has had built, at a cost of $140 million, to house the post-war and contemporary art he and his wife Edythe have been collecting for more than 40 years.  (from Christie’s)


Looked it up

Sometimes I use the internet by way of oracle. A word comes to mind and I look it up. I try to read meaning in it. Why now, philistine?

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