The King’s Speech Tonight

The king today, speeching in the memory of the victims of the second world war.

Tonight our king King Willem Alexander, spoke to the nation on the occasion of our Nationale Remembrance Day. It was an unusual speech, personal almost, confessing of his discomfort with his grandmother’s way of communicating with her people during the war is something, he shared with us viewers, that makes him think, occupies his mind.

In 34 radio speeches broadcasted from London, to boost morale back in Holland, she mentioned the Jewish situation only 3 times. No wonder the Jewish community now are no fan of Queen Wilhelmina, is what I learned from a commentator in the review.

In a well written letter to the people the king told us about a tram full of arrested Jewish citizens, on its way to Muiderpoort train station, pulling right through the heart of Amsterdam, hundreds of people watching it go by. The train for Sobibor waiting at the platform.

The Jews had already been excluded from daily life, he went on, the parks declared forbidden grounds to them. Not for everybody else.

“Sobibor started at the Vondelpark, is what the king said.


It made me think of The Docker, the statue De Dokwerker, raised in the memory of a strike by dock workers, paid for with the death of 22 innocent people. This was in 1941, it had only just begun.

I read the post on The Docker again.  It is called A Call For Empathy.

The statue The docker ( de dokwerker) by Mari Andriessen – A monument for pulling together against terror.


Who wrote the speech?

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