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This image caught my eye: A film poster for Hitchcock’s Rear Window, a thriller from 1954 starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly. It’s the story of professional photographer Jeff, who is stuck in his apartment, recuperating from a broken leg. Out of boredom, he begins to spy on his neighbours and comes across a shocking revelation.

The retro, minimalist graphic design of the poster is spectacular in its simplicity, a classic from the time when movie posters where designed by real artists, is what I thought.

And then I looked it up: It is the work of graphic designer Brandon Schaefer, who wasn’t born yet in 1954 (!) and who’s work combines a retro minimalist flair with a strong attention to detail that invites viewers to consider their favorite films in a different light. ( He is the Invisible Poster Boy and creative director at Jump Cut, the motion picture advertising agency. Not that invisible, his work has been exhibited internationally and featured in several publications over the years, and he co-hosts The Poster Boys, a podcast about design and film posters.

And, spectacular in its simplicity it may seem, his style is actually the residu of Schaeffer’s admiration for three men’s wisdom:

“My views tend to align themselves with three old dead guys who, at one point in their lives, sported some utterly fantastic beards. It began with Thoreau’s treatise on simplicity, gradually moving to include Tolstoy’s writings on purpose, and finally somehow wrapping things up with William Morris and his ideas about work and society. To be a little less broad for the unfamiliar, this trifecta championed a life that is far from the media addicted consumerist society we live in today. (From the site that sells his work, to consumers 😉


Rear Window, I watched it recently. Amsterdam 2020 – Photo wilson tichelaar

Finally, following the theme of Rear Window: Staying in, all day, not  allowed to go out, we got to know more about our neighbors. And we are no longer a blanc ourselves.

Actually, the sales of curtains have gone up considerably.


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