What I Want To Know

Screenshot | Search result for Bead covered in folded fabric


An image on a Google page of search results. What I want wasn’t in the front of my thoughts, but it stopped me all together.

I wasn’t looking for the switch, but it seems it is out there. The How-to-get-whatever-you-want switch..

{you could read misery in that, but actually it is the beginning of an adventure. What if…?}

When I first noticed the image above amidst colorful examples of beads covered in fabric, it was small, whispering to me, catching my attention.

They are vulva-shapes.

What’s the story?


PS | 20 JUNE 2020 (one of the shortest nights) |

I would like to use a landing page for the question above: How to get what you want.

An overview of homepages to fairy offerings.

Get it here. 

Lotteries, fashion shops, plastic surgery, cars, holidays


What is on offer in the style and pazzaz departement?


I would like to know.



PS 2 |

I did a quick search on Google images and it shows a lot of self-help books.


How to get what you want -and then in smaller print – without having to ask, is the title of the very first image.

Is it maybe the best sold book?

We are struggling with it?



PS 3

2020 11 05

And then I stumbled upon this piece of art – it’s all out there! 🙂

Kent Rogovski – Everything I wish I could be

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relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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