Amsterdam Not Now

AirBnB 2020-07-08 om 00.02.03 | Correspondence – wilson tichelaar

I tend to forget, I am an AirBnB host.

For about 7 years I welcomed guests to our home, always had people staying in our guestroom.

Now for months it has been just the two of us, me and my son. Normally home alone would feel like a holiday. Music everywhere.

All bookings have been cancelled. Worldwide lockdown.


And it’s nice, in a new way.

The silence was broken today, by Katie, a guest from London.

I thought that she had already cancelled her stay. Like everyone else.

This is what she wrote.

It made me think

A moment in Corona Times.



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1 Response to Amsterdam Not Now

  1. Ally says:

    It is a conundrum for sure! Great honest response love it ;))

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