WORK | 8:30 am | A Sat Nav Surprise

8:30 AM TIME FOR A SATNAV SURPRISE | wilson tichelaar ©

Last night I stayed in a hotel in Maastricht, in the most southern area of our country, to be close to my work appointment in the morning:

8:30 AM is the start of a photoshoot in Belgium, just across the border. I also did the production, a role in which I am the team’s mum for the day – come to me for help I thought about this – and therefore I should be there before everybody else, meet the owner of the location, get the drill and spread the plan for the day.

It is 8:30 they must be waiting for me, to get the brief.

But. I am in the car, and my satellite navigation system directed me to take a sharp right off the main road, into this field behind the sign: dead-end street.

A bit late, but I had to by-pass a rather complicated road block just after the river – and this happened to me before: On my way to an appointment, well prepared, nicely on time and just before the arrival my satnav screws it up.




Surely this happens to others too?

8:30 AM TIME FOR A SATNAV SURPRISE | HOW | wilson tichelaar ©

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