The Story Of The Golden Rock

Magnum Square Print | Steve McCurry | The Golden Rock beneath Kyaiktiyo Pagoda. Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar. 1994.

It’s the MAGNUM SQUARE PRINT time of year again!

An excellent occasion to acquire a true little gem: A signed (or estate stamped) photo by one of the photographers from the illustrious Magnum agency, for $100 a print only.

Such as Steve McCurry’s work, pictured above.

It is not just the beauty of the image, but the story that comes with it definitely adds to it. I simply l o  v e   browsing the images, reading the stories, connecting to the slices of life – or imagination, for that matter.

The story behind (the tipping point of) the golden rock above is this:

“Pilgrims from all over Myanmar have visited the magical Golden Rock at Kyaiktiyo Pagoda for centuries. It is burnished with prayers and gold leaf applied by devotees. According to legend, a single strand of hair from the Buddha’s head keeps the rock balanced precariously on the edge of a precipice.”

The sale lasts another




46 seconds…

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