Serendipity | iPhone Decision Maker

Sometimes when swiping up in photos on my iPhone I get suggestions for related images – As in other pictures I may be interested in? Something else I may like? Add to my basket?

Below the one I was looking at it shows a handful of random images from my library – pictures I took – but labeled with a date.. and when I first saw this I was like: Hey, that’s nice!

The typography, the spacing, the cropping of the image: I didn’t touch it, it’s all done by the phone.

Ok, it’s a small thing, but – as a graphic designer – I like this kind of surprise 🙂

(To save them I had to take screenshots though…)

Images my phone made with my photos. Cropping, typography, spacing – graphic design – is performed by my iphone, on it’s own initiative and by specifications unknown to me. Photo’s and composition I did do (© wilson tichelaar). I guess you could look at it as a collaboration with Apple 😉

About Wilson

relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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