Elten Kiene | Spoken Boom!

Through a newsletter of Young In Prison I found Elten Kiene, a Dutch speaking spoken word artist who just blew my cap off with his work I Don’t Know.


Never at this point before | Still from the video by Oby Vision

I looked for the lyrics online – so I could share them with you in English maybe, show what a wordsmith he is! – but they’re not there yet, it’s a new piece he did for CaDance 2021, the biennial festival for contemporary dance, held online early February.

Basically it’s a poetic essay about the importance of moving and seeking connection. Fiercely expressed by the dancers Juna Leocaria, Zino Ainsley and Rutkay Ozpinar, moving smoothly to the mellow tune by Oby Vision.

On his website I read that I am not in Kiene’s focus age group, still, I hear him 🙂 (…) as a workshop teacher, Elten prefers to teach young people, either in secondary schools or young writers who have stage ambitions and want to work on their writing skills in their spare time. (…) Since 2018 he has been a coach at Young In Prison and teaches in juvenile detention.

I hear you (image by Lizzy van den Berg from video by Oby vision)

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