Don’t Try To Be Perfect | The Lost Sketches Of Vincent Van Gogh

A quick portrait by Vincent Van Gogh

I just came across the headline HOW PERFECTIONISM FAILS US on LinkedIn and clicked. An announcement for 4 TED talks on the subject of our growing concern with doing it not just right, but perfect. Four experts in their field share their learnings, and the bottomline is (spoiler alert) DON’T.

Don’t think about the results too much, just do it – hey, that sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Not all the works on show in top notch museums are top notch most of the time – lesser attempts can be interesting and add to the grandeur of the whole. The main reward you could get from your work is… THE FUEL it will deliver, to do another, to do something else, it keeps you going. Do it, make something.

The drawings are from a series published in Vincent van Gogh – The Lost Sketchbook From Arles, by Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov. They were found, after he had become who he is to us, but they were just scribbles, studies, working on his skills. They now add to his mastery.

watch the TED talks here

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