New Music Video From The Museum

The artist using the museum as a backdrop | Willie Wartaal (featuring ND, singing the French part) at Museum Voorlinden

Tu me fatigues – Je maakt me moe

You tire me out, would be the translation and it’s a smooth dance-floor*-smash-track in the making 🙂 Je maakt me moe, Wartaal echoes to ND’s Tu me fatigues.

A fresh release from Dutch rapper/musician/tv-host/funnyman Willie Wartaal’s new album Nieuwe Kunst (New Art).

The clip is shot against a backdrop of modern art at Museum Voorlinden, a modern art space south of Amsterdam. Although it can’t escape the comparison with Beyoncé and Jay-Z at the Louvre, I think it tops it. At the time a lot was said about the filming at the Louvre by pop stars, but this is different again. It’s definitely lighter.

Wartaal (translate as Abracadabra, Gibberish) is funny and clever, crazy ironic, his tunes wicked.


Because of the Cornona outbreak and consequential lock-down his tour was cancelled, also tv-shows and festivals won’t happen, but the new album was unstoppable … ….hmm, what could be fun to do now?

* the pad where you can dance, at home, that is.

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relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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