Notes On Art

Posing Beauties

“(…) when I found the bathrobe in a corner, perfectly fitting to the bedspread, that was when I knew I had the picture” says photographer Dorothee Deiss, who ended up number four in the  Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize, organized by The Portrait … Continue reading →

Kapoor Inside Rembrandt

The British-Indian artist Anish Kapoor has been invited by the Rijksmuseum to create a body of work to be exhibited in the museum, and he had to work with its most famous painting, the Nachtwacht by Rembrandt. Kapoor opened the dialogue … Continue reading →

Notre Dame | Cookie Jar

Macron said the greatest French artists will be commissioned to restore the grandeur of the destroyed Notre Dame. Within a month after the disaster already a wide range of ideas have come to surface … Continue reading →

DESKTOP | Art Basel

Images taken from the online booths at Art Basel. The show is cancelled because of te Corona pandemic. Contemporary for everybody.

Betrayed By Technique

The painting above was stolen last Thursday from the Castelvecchio Museum in Verona. It is part of the robbery of masterpieces worth an estimate €15 million, and among them are works of great names like Rubens, Tintoretto, Pisanello and Bellini. But … Continue reading →

Real Or Imagined

One hundred trillion dollar notes rolling from a cash point… Not the luring image of our annual end of the year’s mega prize draw, but reality, somewhere. Or so it seems. The photo is part of the Bamako Encounters, the African photography … Continue reading →

New Urbanites by Hamid El Kanbouhi

This painting was stuck in the back of my mind, since I visited the local art centre in May. They had it up on the wall, and the size is impressive – 2 x 1,5 meters -but there’s more to it … Continue reading →

Inspiration To Art | Obama

Today Barack Obama said goodbye as President of the United States. A moment in time. For the occasion I looked up some Obama Art online, and this is what caught my eye. A small selection of a world of unconditioned … Continue reading →

This is a selection of posts on art on this blog

Nepalese Tartan And Other Art

A selection of work by artists who take part in the two-year residency program of the Rijksakademie voor beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam.

Nhu Xuan Hua | Beyond Fashion Photography

Nhu Xuan Hua is a Parisian photographer based in London. Her work embodies a visual language that is cross-disciplinary in its approach, reflecting her artistic practices that extend beyond photography into mixed-media and sculpture. Nhu Xuan’s world is always on the … Continue reading →

Now Here’s A Picture

One of the world’s best selling artists, Damien Hirst, with a dog he just met in a local diner. From Instagram, recently.

ALERT | Postcard Size Art

Postmodern, is a small online art gallery I discovered. It sells postcard size art made by upcoming artists, or established, but known by larger work. Affordable and versatile. A great little idea. Find them … Continue reading →

A Matchbox Universe

The picture above shows the artist’s studio inside The Mouse House – the incredible work of art by Karina Schaapman. The house is 2 meters wide by 3 meters tall and has over 100 rooms (!). There’s also a picture book … Continue reading →

PAN Of Beauty

PAN Amsterdam shows 125 galleries, antiques dealers and artists. representing painting, antiques, modern and contemporary art, jewelry, photography, design furniture and objects from old and faraway cultures. 

PS | International Klein Blue

For a project I had a quick look online for a cmyk translation of a blue swatch I wanted to use, as I couldn’t find my Pantone color guide, and came across this chart on Wikipedia. It reads like poetry! … Continue reading →

Ed Rusha Inspired

Ed Ruscha inspired, I hesitated writing that down, as I have recently been disappointed to the point of anger after a search for Picasso at the online auction house Catawiki, and was offered a series of Picasso inspired art work. … Continue reading →