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Orange Storm Ahead

Queen Beatrix will renounce the throne next Tuesday, but…Still full of life! (by Stan) The Netherlands are getting ready to say goodbye to their well loved queen of 33 years, Beatrix. This Tuesday, April 30th, the Royal Family and fans … Continue reading →


Paper on educational cultural projects for elementary schools in Amsterdam, a multi-cultural habitat. The work is the result of assignments on news topics like The alarming situation in the world of insects, The Golden Age, Exploring unknown territories.

©Concept and production by TFOH | wilson tichelaar 2018 Amsterdam.

Death To A Child

The cards above are from a project in school about death. Close to the school is a cemetery and people from their exhibition space, came over to talk about the rituals of death and burial.  Continue reading →

Early Work As A Teacher

You would think everything here on earth has been discovered by now. If you would want to find something new, where would you go? How would you travel? This was the question I put upon a group of 8 and … Continue reading →

Color Marathon

Looking out of the front window this morning I saw no end of colorful sporty outfits on parade, and I realized it’s the Amsterdam Marathon today! Our house is on the edge of the city centre, about 7 kilometers from the … Continue reading →

All Things Sunny

In the paper they mentioned January as the ‘hibernating month’, and yes January can be a very dull and grey, with little sunshine or color. I personally c r a v e longer days and warm breezes, the time when our … Continue reading →

Hello World!

This is a selection of the work done by the children in my son’s school. It was on show in the local Art Centre last May. {where we had a close shave with celebrity! Read my post Johnny Depp was … Continue reading →

Shattered In Their Own Way

In school self portraits were made from magazines, collage style. Every portrait carried a name under it and a birthday, put together like a calendar wall. They may not seem very precise, rather fauve, with a lot of energy, but … Continue reading →

When We Were Monkeys

What does the title make you think of? In school the group of 4 and 5 year olds make utterly entertaining art. I like to call them The Art Monkeys, because they display such lightness of being through their unconditioned … Continue reading

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unconditioned expression

Storm At Sea

Have any of these 4 year old artists ever seen a storm at sea or been anywhere near one? Then how can they get it so right? Someone must have told them a pretty good story…

Painting By Numbers

The images above show brain training for 4 and 5 year olds; colour by numbers. This is something they are exposed to in school in an early stage, and it has nothing to do with art. {I am saying this … Continue reading →

Unconditioned  expression

The unconditioned expressions of young children are among the best works of art. When my son was a toddler his drawing would remind me of Cy Twombly’s work; free ranging scribblings that wouldn’t stop where the wall did, but just … Continue reading →

I Am The Sea!

I just stumbled upon this image on Pinterest. It caught my eye, the deep blue, the watery swoosh, a certain energy there… It had many likes and has been re-blogged often, I noticed. It was made by Austrian-Czech aquarellist and landscape … Continue reading →